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Network Calculations

The requirements for the operation of transmission networks are diverse and has grown considerably due to technical innovations. Now-a-days modern network calculation procedures provide operators with in-depth information on the reliability and availability of their networks; in order to get maintain and where necessary improve them based on an ever increasing demand.

Today detailed information on the hydraulic situation in the network for potable water distribution can be made available at any time and at any point. Based this operator is empowered to do sound long-term planning for the maintenance of his facilities.

The current hydraulic analysis of sewer networks with modern calculation programs is becoming increasingly important - to evaluate the performance considering a tendency of increasing rainfall patterns and for taking into account aspects such as hydraulics in the sewer rehabilitation.

In addition, we also model networks of other media such as cooling water, gas or steam networks.

We apply modern dynamic modelling programs for the network calculation of pressure and sewage networks, which have customised and optimised interfaces to access existing data. In order to verify data sets, we can also provide on request appropriate data validation services.