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Pressure Data Logger


We use premium pressure data loggers type ESS III from UNION Instruments and with it fall back on a product with which we were able to gain experience over several years. All pressure data logger (water and gas) measured with a maximum error deviation of 0.09%, are waterproof (IP68) and explosion-protected.

Pressure data logger water, ESS III - A1 (axial sensor connection):

  • 46 pressure data logger with a measuring range of up to 10 bar
  • 8 pressure data logger with a measuring range of up to 25 bar

Pressure data logger gas, ESS III - R1 / R2 (radial sensor connection):

  • 54 pressure data loggers with a measuring range of up to 100 mbar
  • of which 2 pressure data loggers are equipped with integrated temperature measurement (up to -30 °C)

  • Technical details:
    • Accuracy: 0.09% relative to full scale measurement range (i.e. in case of the gas-pressure data loggers, the maximum error deviation is 0.09 mbar and in case of the water-pressure data loggers 9 or 22.5 mbar)
    • Storing up to 250,000 pairs of values (date/time, measured value)
    • Measuring rate: between 125 msec and 6 h
    • Averaging: possible about 2-600 values
    • Storage method: either static or rolling
    • Temperature measurements: -30 °C (with the ESS III-R2, application in the gas sector)

    Use and hire

    We continue deploying our pressure data loggers at our customers as part of test programs in the areas of drinking water and gas. Regardless, we are willing to lease our equipment for external measurements to third parties. Ask us!

    you can find more information on our technical equipment here.